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I HAVE PAID OVER $200 IN LESS THAN 1 MONTH FOR ENERGY IN A 600 SQUARE FOOT ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT!!!!!ACACIA claims that they offer online and telephone payment options, but if you are trying to pay with a credit or debit card that is different from the one that they used for the initial payment, it is impossible...If you try to call after 4pm central (which is an insane closing time for a utility company) you will find that the offices are closed, placed on an infini - hold for a non-existent automated payment system...Even if you are lucky enough to find that your lights are off during normal business hours, it takes about 30 minutes to speak to a live customer service agent, so I would advise to use a LAN line - not roaming or in a bad reception area.

If you happen to make it through that ordeal, I DO NOT SUGGEST to ask to speak to a supervisor b/c you will be inifinitely transfered throughout the company and then hung up on by the last person...THIS SERVICE IS A SCAM AND I DO NOT REFER ANYONE TO ACACIA ENERGY!!!!!!!!I HAVE NEVER HAD MY LIGHTS OFF IN MY ENTIRE LIFE AND SINCE I'VE BEEN WITH ACACIA ENERGY, I HAVE HAD 3 DISCONNECTIONS IN LESS THAN 1 MONTH!!!!!!!

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Acacia told me you have to put money on your account befor 9am if you put money on your account after 9am it want be on your account....so where does our money go if it doent go toward our account


Im with acacia energy and i've to paid over 200$ in less than a month and my lights has been disconneted over 3 or 4 times and when i call they always say my account is below the 10.01 mark....But how when im steady putting money on my account...and it was a time my lights got turned off and i made a payment of $25 at 1:00pm with a debit card acacia close at 7:00pm they text me sayin my lights has been schedule for reconnection and when i made it home around 10pm my lights was still off and it was a Friday so i had to wsit until Monday to have my lights back on...too sad i advise nobody to fool with this prepaid company cause its all a scam...

Dallas, Texas, United States #1071852

I want to start a class action law suit against them.


I have been experiencing the same thing and will report them to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) soon.Now I am trying to get my lights back on because of course they are off again...At least fifth time this month after continued payments of $20, $25, Etc.

I am trying to pay again to get them back on because its super hot in my 700 sq.

ft apartment and there is a silly error conveniently reading 'bill to must be filled out.' WTF!!!!!!!!!!!Please do not get this company its a scam!!!!!!!!


This company is awful!!!!I'm looking for a new company now!!!

Please, do not waist your time!!!You will regret it !!!

Athens, Texas, United States #992329

Bunny you're wrong it does get better than that you're just not that smart

Texas, United States #955084

ACACIA ENERGY are *** bag rip off ************* came home work this morning everything was fine went to start coffee for my wife and breakfast for my kido's left to take care of daily things well guess what i was Disconnected at 10am while i was gone no phone call nothing not even a simple e mail they love sending all the time just no light power nothing so i login with my phone to see what the deal was my Available balance ($16.59) Account balance ($6.58) so why did they turn my power off i sill have 6.58 on there for my home that 2 and a half days of power maybe more there *** trash the whole nine yards there minimum required $10.01 and Why is that? first off i should be able to use the whole 16.59 if i want to then at 0.00 they should slap the lights off i have a 1 year old and a 2 year old it below 20 here tonight thanks god for my parents letting us stay a day or two til i can get something done do not let them pull you in with there BS deal they try to tell you there all lies. I can say if you work for them start looking for a new job because when i am Done there will no be a ACACIA ENERGY

to MR.LOCKE Houston, Texas, United States #956137

Hello Mr.Locke,

Acacia Energy has received your feedback.

Acacia Energy's management staff have tried to call you today at your phone numbers provided but we have not had the ability to reach you.

Our goal is to answer your questions, provide you the electric service you need and resolve any issue you may be experiencing but we can't do that without speaking to you.

We look forward to making contact with you as soon as possible.

to MR.LOCKE Dallas, Texas, United States #1071854

I want to start a class action law suit against them.


Hi, my name is Anna D., I am the Customer Service & Sales Manager at Acacia Energy.We are sad to see you go and would like the opportunity to win you back.

Most importantly I would like to speak with you and answer any questions you have regarding billing, current plans and our current promotions.Please call me directly at 866-810-2881.

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