Acacia Energy Is A Complete Scam...BEWARE!!!!!

I HAVE PAID OVER $200 IN LESS THAN 1 MONTH FOR ENERGY IN A 600 SQUARE FOOT ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT!!!!!ACACIA claims that they offer online and telephone payment options, but if you are trying to pay with a credit or debit card that is different from the one that they used for the initial payment, it is impossible...If you try to call after 4pm central (which is an insane closing time for a utility company) you will find that the offices are closed, placed on an infini - hold for a non-existent automated payment system...Even if you are lucky enough to find that your lights are off during normal business hours, it takes about 30 minutes to speak to a live customer service agent, so I would advise to use a LAN line - not roaming or in a bad reception area.

If you happen to make it through that ordeal, I DO NOT SUGGEST to ask to speak to a supervisor b/c you will be inifinitely transfered throughout the company and then hung up on by the last person...THIS SERVICE IS A SCAM AND I DO NOT REFER ANYONE TO ACACIA ENERGY!!!!!!!!I HAVE NEVER HAD MY LIGHTS OFF IN MY ENTIRE LIFE AND SINCE I'VE BEEN WITH ACACIA ENERGY, I HAVE HAD 3 DISCONNECTIONS IN LESS THAN 1 MONTH!!!!!!!

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Mar 07 Texas, United States

ACACIA ENERGY are *** bag rip off ************* came home work this morning everything was fine went to start coffee for my wife and breakfast for my kido's left to take care of daily things well guess what i was Disconnected at 10am while i was gone no phone call nothing not even a simple e mail they love sending all the time just no light power nothing so i login with my phone to see what the deal was my Available balance ($16.59) Account balance ($6.58) so why did they turn my power off i sill have 6.58 on there for my home that 2 and a half days of power maybe more there *** trash the whole nine yards there minimum required $10.01 and Why is that? first off i should be able to use the whole 16.59 if i want to then at 0.00 they should slap the lights off i have a 1 year old and a 2 year old it below 20 here tonight thanks god for my parents letting us stay a day or two til i can get something done do not let them pull you in with there BS deal they try to tell you there all lies. I can say if you work for them start looking for a new job because when i am Done there will no be a ACACIA ENERGY

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Customer Care at Acacia Energy

Mar 09 Houston, Texas

Hello Mr. Locke,
Acacia Energy has received your feedback. Acacia Energy's management staff have tried to call you today at your phone numbers provided but we have not had the ability to reach you.
Our goal is to answer your questions, provide you the electric service you need and resolve any issue you may be experiencing but we can't do that without speaking to you.
We look forward to making contact with you as soon as possible.

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Jul 16, 2014

Hi, my name is Anna D., I am the Customer Service & Sales Manager at Acacia Energy. We are sad to see you go and would like the opportunity to win you back. Most importantly I would like to speak with you and answer any questions you have regarding billing, current plans and our current promotions. Please call me directly at 866-810-2881.

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Oct 26, 2013

This company is such a rip off..they caculate usage that want to charge readings always off rude *** customer service no training at all..the text number never respondes on time.disconnect service in peek hrs during time kids are getting ready for school..they charge me 25$ deducted from my account for each time i sent them an email...they also repeatedly charge reconnect fee even if u were not cut off,.just for going thru thresholds smh..poor company only bout money not concerned by kids or families will not recommend at all such rip offs

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Aug 18, 2013 Fort Worth, Texas

My God. I thought Payless Power was a scam. I just left Payless Power who had hidden fees and ridiculous prices all over the price and came to Acasia energy yesterday. I had $30.00 on my account. I live in a 350 square foot apartment and never run the A/C. I was with payless power for over a month and never ran more than 8 to 10 kwh per day. They billed me around $2.30 cents per day.

I am with Acasia energy and they take out $5.25 every single day. How is that even possible when I am using the same amount of power, nothing has changed, and they have better rates than payless power and less fees?

Something isn't right about this.

And the other poster was right. Their offices are totally shut on the weekends and past 4 p.m. You can't reach anyone. The only options you have are to make a payment or to call 911.

All of these prepaid services in Texas are a complete SCAM. Honestly. They are extremely Tricky with the billing, the hidden charges, the fees, EVERYTHING. You can't trust any of them and they way they are racking up complaints I take it they won't be in service much longer in this state.

I say stay away from this company. Please. They will fleece you. I live around other people in the same exact size apartment who run their A/C around the clock and their bill is never more than $80.00 as our units are so tiny. Going by Acasia energy's billing I will be paying around $150.00 for the entire month and that
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Aug 16, 2013 Bellaire, Texas

They are thieves! !! They sent me an email saying I had the correct amount of money on my acct and an hour and a half later cut me off saying they can cut me off and charfe me at any time of day and estimated how much I was going to use that day. I have spent 300.00 in one month and when I spoke to the retarded supervisor he acted like that was normal. Losers! I'm going to direct energy.

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Aug 03, 2013

I'm with acacia now and my bill is r :( edicklious I pay every two day on this account

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Jul 23, 2013 Dallas, Texas

Stay away from this company. They will still your money. I have $18 in my account and they shut my service off. They said that my account balance is less than $10.01. They said that my actual balance is $18, but once they take the $10, I would not have the required $10.01 balance in my account, so they took my money and shut me off.

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Jul 03, 2013 Houston, Texas

I have been having acacia energy for 5 mon nd never have I encountered such problems. We have used tht automated system @ 2,3am using different cards (minw or my husband's)
We have paid online and in ace check and cash. Although thy do close early nd are not opened on weekends we know tht so we do everything before or after tje weekend. Like Acacia Energy, online u can track how much energy u use monthly nd daily. Thy also give u an estimated daily amount spent nd the estimated day u will need to add to ur balance.
The only problem I have had is the fact tht thy go through a 3rd party company tht reads the meters nd post them on line read the meters every other day so instead of 3 dollars used it six but knowing this I now do the math myself but other then rht no problem

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Mar 06, 2013 Houston, Texas

I had Apollo power and since they have switched it has been nonstop drama with these people.The business hours are absolutely insane the customer service reps act like they are just oblivious to the facts and there is never a supervisor to speak to.when I was with my last company I had 6 months credit every year which was a big help for me from september or october to april or march.Now, I can waste no energy with these people.They have even posted my $ someone elses account.

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Feb 01, 2013 Houston, Texas

I've been with acacia for 9 day and I've already paid out $100. Never paid so much for electricity and the charge for everything including speaking to and representitive. Glad I got from under theyre thumb.

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Jan 10, 2013

I'm in a 1bedroom apartment and I'm putting 20dollars a week in my acct. I don't use electricity like this. How can you pre estimate how much electricity I'm gonna use? This company is a rip off.

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Jul 03, 2013 Houston, Texas

Thts $80 -$100 a month that dont seem about right to you? You can go with another company but I guarantee you ^^^ that's as good as it gets sweetie

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pissed, customer

Oct 15, 2012

I don't recommend ANYONE to go with this company!! They over charge people.. I called in to put money on my account and they put it on another account. I called and had my services suspended and 3 Weeks later I came to find out IT NEVER WAS!! it took a 2 Weeks to my Money back. The so called supervisor is a complete joke. I HATE THIS COMPANY AND WOULDN'T RECOMMEND IT TO NO ONE..

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Jul 03, 2013 Houston, Texas

Wow something similar happened to us a couple of weeks ago the teller at ace placed money in the wrong account nd thy had it switch to our with in hours. We have never been charged to speak with a csr and we put $100 every 2wks into our account and by the next month we still hv at least $25 in the account nd we live n a 2 bedroom townhouse. I think u's r not getting wht u want r cnt scheme them so you r giving them a bad rep. Smh from my experience they r a good company I hv referred freinds and relatives nd no one has ever had such problem. Lol not at u but with u

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Jeff will have his vengance

Sep 03, 2012

I don't know how a company like this was ever formed legally.. I've paid soooo much money to get my lights on 5 times in 2 days. I had to spend $300 because they couldn't post a transaction on my debit card, but it goes through anyway, so the only way for me to make a payment is to pay Ace checking services with another $3 charge. $2 charges every phone call you make to them. Then I get multiple service charges in a day as if I have multiple properties. I am not an angry person, but I get ulcers everytime I call Acacia. Don't choose this company.. save yourself the time and negative effort that goes into dealing with this stuff DAILY!!

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Ella Scott

Aug 30, 2012

Yesterday, I requested Acacia Energy to take $40.00 from my atm card. Instead, the company took $160.00. (4 x 40.00). I called my banker and the banker got on a 3-way with Acacia. Acacia claimed they didn't get the money, yet my bank statement says that they did. After some conversation between my banker and Acacia Energy, my banker informed me that $120.00 would show on my bank statement within an hour. I will never give my card number to Acacia Energy again. Be careful with this energy company. Something's wrong here.

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Apr 07, 2013 Saint-Laurent, Quebec

wow, but common seance says that if your bank released the money back to your card after talking to acacia, it was obviously not taken by acacia. The bank just put that amount on hold for security reasons. I work for a bank and I know what I'm saying.

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Aug 09, 2012

You do not have to deal with this!! Direct Energy Power 2 Go is so much better. Every day I get a text with a meter read from 48 hrs before. It tells me how much I spent. The kilowatts and how much is left. This is how Acacia Energy should have been. You truly don't realize you've been treated badly until you find someone who treats you right. If you use my referral code 526760 you get a credit on your bill. I think everyone should switch. Direct energy sent me a text saying I was switched in 4 hours.


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upset customer

Jul 28, 2012

I paid $35 yesterday to get my lights back on & today I only have $4 left I dnt understand how this could be :upset

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